Antwerp Marathon – Antwerp 10 miles double club

As a preparation for bigger things to come (CCC mostly), I decided to do a special combo this year. As tradition has it since about 3 years, today some friends and I ran the Antwerp marathon. It’s a nice and relatively flat city marathon and last year, Greg & I did it in about 3h23, Greg’s best since. Today, we had no such intents. I’d been training too heavy and it was clear that no records were going to be broken today. So we all stuck together for most of the marathon & Greg & I arrived together in about 3h47‘. Nothing spectacular, but a solid time none the less.

With that out of the way, I went to find me a bakery in order to fill my stomach for part II of the challenge: the Antwerp 10 miles. Again, no intents for record times at all, especially with the marathon still fresh in the legs. I decided to go with the 1h20′ group, but quickly got ahead of that one. After a lot of zigzagging in between other runners, I noticed I was doing 13.6k average after 5k. A bit fast maybe. I slowed down a bit in the middle part, 13.4, but then without really noticing, started speeding up again. So all in, things went pretty smooth and I finished in 1h11’13”.

So all in, probably over 60k of running today. Good workout. Next week Saturday La Bouillonante! That’s 55k in one stretch… and about 2400m of positive altitude added to the recipe…


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