Ardennes Megatrail preview

It seems just a few weeks ago when Tony told me the amount of points required to enter UTMB was raised from 7 to 8 points. The max amount of races over which you are supposed to collect these points, however, didn ’t. So 8 points in 3 races. That meant the plan to run the Brussels Ecotrail was ready for the trash can. I started looking for a race in October, keeping CCC as my primary goal this year. Tony came up with the Ardennes Megatrail on June 28th. A bit short notice to start prepping for a 93k and 4800m+ race.

But here we are, less than a week to go and well, about as ready as one can be I guess. Even though preparations haven ’t been optimal, I feel satisfied with where I ’m at right now. With a 144k week behind me and then another week with a big deal of climbing, I ’m feeling quite confident I can actually pull this off.

The start is given at 5 o ‘clock in the morning, which means that Tony and I are travelling to the start the day before. It also means that the start is given in the dark, which provides a nice opportunity to test out my new Black Diamond Spot headlight. I ‘ll probably try out some of the other gear I bought for CCC, but more about in some other post.

93k and 4800m+, that ’s a bit of a leap in the unknown. But then again, so was my first Olne-Spa-Olne. At the time, I ’d never run more than a marathon and I was new to the whole altitude difference aspect. So if I can go from your average city marathon to a 67k with over 2000m+ trail, I can do this as well! I ’m nervous, but mostly in anticipation. Really looking forward to explore the amazing area in between the Semois & Meuse rivers. It all looks very promising!

Anyway, feel free to text me encouragements this Saturday, anywhere between 05:00 and 24:00! Would be much appreciated 😉

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