Running for no reason at all

I know it’s been a reaaaally long time since I last wrote something here, but hey, I’m back! I’ve never been too great at keeping a personal blog alive, and turns out that this isn’t going to bring any change to that. Truth is I’ve been really busy, went on holiday, some things changed at work and in life in general, but one thing hasn’t changed a bit, and it’s exactly the one thing that justifies this post today: I’m still running. Running for no reason at all.

More books on running!

CorreromorirNOWBOOKSTruth is: this one, I haven’t read. And there’s a good reason for that. The book I’m talking about is “Córrer o morir” by Kilian Jornet and it’s available on Amazon FR here but, as you might have guessed by the title, it’s in Spanish (or Catalan I suppose to be precise). But if anyone is in for a challenge, feel free to translate it so I can read it! If you’re wondering why i’d want this book so much, see below!

Also, if anyone has other running-related reading advise, please share!

Any other books on running you can recommend? comment away!

Born to run

Curro ergo sum – books on running

After having run for my life at the Pukkelpop festival (some drama intended, I got away relatively ok, although it was a rather scary experience), I remembered reading about people who really ran for their lives. People whose job was running or who had to run to provide in food.

So since I’m not running due to the knee injury (well, take that with a grain of salt, I’ve been running for the last two days, don’t tell the doctor!), I thought I might as well give you all some reading advise in case you end up stuck in your bed / chair one day, unable to run. A disclaimer is in place though: some of these books on running, especially the last one, will make you want to run.

Oh, I’ve added amazon links everywhere. For all Belgian folks: Shipping is free if you order over 15€ on FR, 20€ on DE or 25£ on the UK site.

strongman run antwerp 2011 overview


I survived the Antwerp Strongman Run 2011, and I’ve got a medal to prove it! There! Now there’s no denying that I’m tougher than you are! I know you’ll try to twist the truth and make it seem as if this doesn’t prove anything, but the hard and bitter truth is that it does prove EVERYTHING, and you know it.

On a more serious note, Greg and I ran the Antwerp Strongman Run, we had a lot of fun doing so and I ended up with 4 stitchings in my right knee and a very muscular right upper arm. But let’s start from the beginning, shall we?

anything else you want to tell me

Anything else you want to tell me? – Oscar Pistorious

A really short message today. I just wanted to pay tribute to… no, not Amy Winehouse, although I loved her as a singer, but to Oscar “Blade Runner” Pistorious. I think he’s the first person with a disability to qualify for the “regular” World Championship. Yesterday, he qualified for the 400 meters with an amazing 45.07 (to put things in context: Our Belgian Borlé brothers do it in 44.71 and 44.74 if I’m correct). So congratulations Oscar!

Runners Lab test track

Science! Fuck yeah! – Runners Service lab analysis

Feet. They’re not exactly my favorite body parts. But they’re there, and where would I be without them? Ugly – and sometimes smelly – as they may be, they carry me around all day long. And as if that’s not enough already, as soon as I come home I squeeze them into my running shoes and go for a 20k run about 3 times a week… I try to take care of them by buying decent running shoes. I think I haven’t bought a pair of under 100€ and I buy at least 2 pairs of running shoes a year, just to spoil them. Still, I’ve been suffering from blisters, black nails… and the lack thereof.

Out of ideas, I decided to look for help and ended up at the Runners Service Lab in Ghent, hoping they had an answer and maybe, while they were at it, could find a solution to my ever-lurking knee issues…