More books on running!

CorreromorirNOWBOOKSTruth is: this one, I haven’t read. And there’s a good reason for that. The book I’m talking about is “Córrer o morir” by Kilian Jornet and it’s available on Amazon FR here but, as you might have guessed by the title, it’s in Spanish (or Catalan I suppose to be precise). But if anyone is in for a challenge, feel free to translate it so I can read it! If you’re wondering why i’d want this book so much, see below!

Also, if anyone has other running-related reading advise, please share!

Any other books on running you can recommend? comment away!

Kilian is mostly known for his “Kilian’s Quest” Series. The series intent is probably purely promotional (he’s sponsored by Salomon, lightweight running gear) but the video’s aren’t any less amazing because of that. The last part of his record time mount Olympus run is right below, but all of the episodes can be viewed over at the Salomon website if you’re interested.

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