It’s business time!

Trail des bosses

I’m nervous. I really am. The reason for that? Trail des bosses is this Saturday and I have absolutely no idea whether I’m up for it. But whether I am or not, tomorrow, it’s business time!

Sure, I’ve done a few 27 to 30k runs the last few weeks. But that’s still nothing compared to the 65k’s that are waiting for in the woods in and around Braine-le-Comte. And it’s not just the mere numbers that scare me, no Sir! The fact that there’ll be some leftover snow, that it will be muddy and that no number is given regarding the total ascent that we’ll have to deal with over those 65k… That’s something I can hardly prepare for over here, in the Flat Flanders.

I try though. And in a way, I’m prepared better than ever for the uphill work. I’ve doing treadmill runs of 15k with 700 – 900 meters of positive altitude. Sure, I’ve done hill training before, but that was always short climbs with recuperation in between. Meanwhile, I’ve done a lot less distance the last few months. An occasional 30k run, sure, but my frequency of running has been a lot lower, resulting in a lot less mileage.

Doubts… I guess I’ll always have them just before the bigger challenges I take. In the end, I’m just a man, even though people sometimes think that what I’m doing is unearthly. Good thing I have friends that are equally crazy, so I know it’s not all that incredible.

Meanwhile, dreams about doing the UTMB race are tickling beneath the surface again. After watching Kilian Jornet’s documentary I wrote about a while ago, I developed a huge craving for snow and mountains. And although we had our share of snow this year and I made good use of it, I could do with some mountains.

Anyway, wish my luck tomorrow. And until then, watch this (and buy the full movie here afterwards):


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