September 1, 2015

The road less travelled – UTMB 2015

And I’m back. Feet on the ground. A ground at about 50m above sea level. And, from a very mathematic approach, the past 9 days have been a success. Plenty of amazing things. And then this one negative thing that, right now, seems to outweigh all the great things that happened. Emotions tend to take the overhand when dreams are involved and it takes time and distance to put things in perspective.  Continue reading

Ardennes Mega Trail 2015

Not unlike last year, I decide rather last minute to run the Ardennes Mega Trail. However, this year, I’d be all by myself. Tony wasn’t really feeling up to repeat the challenge. That kind of made things more serious: talk less, run harder. So on Friday, after work, I drove straight to Les Hautes Rivières, pitched my tent […]


20km door Brussel

Well, that was different! After 4 days of running through forests and being by myself most of the time, the 20km of Brussels was definitely ‘something else’. Thanks to the nice people of Delhaize, I was able to join the party and support the think pink foundation while doing so. Plenty of reasons to put in my best effort! […]