Why choose if you can have it all

Summer has been busy. Renovations. Running. More renovations. More running. More running. You get the point. I made no summer plans. None. None whatsoever. Everything had to give way for the running goals near the end of summer (more about that later).

That of course meant missing summer festivals. And it just happens to be that music has always been a passion of mine, right up there with running.

Ieperfest has been a certitude for years. Surely, I’m not up to date with the new & upcoming bands in hardcore, but, well… call it nostalgia, call it catching up with old friends… Whatever it is, it’s giving me an urge to go to Ieperfest once more.

And then it appeared to me: Why choose if you can have it all? So I talked about my idea with Bruno from Ieperfest (a passionate runner himself) and he agreed right away. The plan: On sunday, I’m running to Ieperfest from my home in Ghent, and in return, Bruno is giving me a guestlist spot. Over 71km through Flanders Fields, through the Menin Gate where I plan to stop for a minute, the runner’s alternative to the minute of silence) and then push on to the Festival grounds. Freshen up, maybe help the kitchen crew a bit, check out Bane and Boy Sets Fire, and go home. By car. Seriously, someone give me a ride back please!

Ps.: Feel free to suggest some music. I could use a 6-7h playlist to get me up to speed with current day’s music!

ieperfest quest
The road from Ghent to Ypres, a solid 71k


2 thoughts on “Why choose if you can have it all”

  1. Hello, if you still need a lift on sunday evening, I'll leave just after Crowbar (I have to drive back to Liège early). If needed, I'll be easy to find (there won't be a lot of 40 years old people in da place). See you and good luck in achieving your goals

  2. Hey Stephan! Thanks a million for the offer, but I've got the ride back home settled! I'll still come say hi if I can spot you in the crowd though 😉

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