Echappée Belle Ultra Trail

After being unlucky in this year’s UTMB, I decided to give it another go next year. To do so, I was in dire need of UTMB points. Last year’s Ardennes Mega Trail gave me 5, Trail des Fantômes two weeks ago provided me with another 4 points. That makes 6 left. And so I decided to give the Dynafit Echappée Belle Ultra Trail a go!There’s a lot I could say about the Echappée Belle, but I’m wary of making premature statements. A bit more than 20k shorter and with a comparable amount of positive altitude to overcome, last year’s 30h goal originally seemed like a realistic goal for the Echappée as well. But that was before I discovered the best recorded time for the Echappée is over 27 hours whereas the UTMB record is little over 20h.

Of course, the participant field is different. UTMB attracts runners from all across the world, often their main goal of the season. The field for Echappée Belle is mostly French. But With over 11k meters of climbing packed into 144k, I guess I better not underestimate this one. I’m starting to believe their “Plus belle, plus

That being said, when I look at the pictures, I’m starting to believe their “Plus belle, plus dure” (Freely translates to “the most beautiful one, the hardest one”) tagline. Because even though it promise to be a hard endeavour, judging from the pictures from previous years, I’m in for a treat!

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