Floating over your rocky spine – CCC

T minus 8 days. CCC is closing in fast now, and things have taken a turn for the worse. After the Ghent-Ieper run, I had some minor pain in my left quadriceps. I gave them some well deserved rest. And then some more, just to make sure. But when I ran again, a week later, another issue arose. This time, my left knee started hurting. A familiar pain this time, all the more worrying…

Not the knee again...
Not the knee again…

Yep. This was definitely not the picture I wanted to post today. If you’d asked me a few weeks ago what pictures I had in mind for the last week before CCC, this wouldn’t have been one of them.

Things are getting better though. Knee is ok, just a mild tendinitis according to the doc. So with some rest, all should be well. All in, no worries I guess. Preparations have been perfect until 2 weeks ago, and the last few weeks aren’t the ones where you have to run a lot of miles anyway, so it’s all good. I’m just getting slightly frustrated and not being able to run gives me too much time to ponder: “is my shape going to be gone?”, “will the pain come back after 10k of running?”, “will I still be able to run?”,…

To stay wary of those thoughts, I went to the gym with Fay. Did some exercises, carefully avoiding putting too much strain on the knee:

  • elliptical running: boring
  • cycling: boring
  • upper body workout: boring

Finishing up with some ab exercises which, due to a lack of space, had to be done in the yoga live class room. So we ended up doing the yoga stuff. The virtual teacher said we were “a beautiful star”. That sure boosted my confidence.

Other than that, I used the immense amount of free time to set up my Robens Starlight 2 tent, which turned out to be a walk through the parc. I gathered all my gear, which turns out to be a lot, so some further selection will be in order. Basically, I’m ready to go!

Oh yeah: If you want to follow me during the race, you can do so here : http://utmb.livetrail.net/coureur.php?rech=3523. And send me text messages if you like from Saturday August 29th 09h until… well, some time on Sunday morning!


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