Anton Krupicka - in the high country

Anton Krupicka is without a doubt one of my favourite ultra runners out there. I’ve been following his blog and short videos for a while now, so I just had to see “in the high country”. and well, i wasn’t disappointed.

Although this production was obviously done on a lower budget than the summits of my life series of Kilian & Seb, it’s a really enjoyable documentary that gives a nice view on the place running has in Anton’s life and how he experiences running, which part running takes in his life, nicely divided in several chapters that represent different stages, different aspects of his life.

From the very beginning of the movie, during the opening titles, it’s already clear what this movie’s focus will be: the running. Lot’s of footage of Anton running in mountains or vast plains. Which is something I’m always happy about, not too big a fan of the whole spiritual blabla that is often coupled to running.

Anton’s story is one of passion. Growing up on the country side, a passion for running developing early (Anton ran his first marathon at the age of 12). It’s a small step from there to chapter 2, “the search”. The search for more, exploring mountains, searching for his body & mind’s limits.

Anton always struck me as a person of emotions and this is clearly shown. To amateur runners, guys like Krupicka & Jornet often comme across as machines and not from this world. But during a technical climb Anton becomes very humble and states “He hasn’t been that scared for a while”. It’s probably the most beautiful moment of this documentary.

After that, it’s time for the real work, the endless miles of training, preparations for a race and the impact this has on his life (and feet). I’m not really in the “the less toenails, the more runner you are” camp (especially because I hope I’ll have a full set of toenails again one day I guess), but Anton’s feet tell a story of their own.

Finally, Tony runs up the long’s peak, in particular the first flatiron, an incredibly steep & rocky ascent. It’s basically just 5 minutes of trail porn and some “behind the scenes” footage. And with that, like a lot of trail running movies, the movie leaves you behind with one major feeling: The feeling you just must go for a run. Which means I must now go for a run!

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