Death of a shoe: Kinvara TR review

Another shoe has left us. After last weekend’s “La Bouillonnante“, it’s time to say goodbye to my precious Saucony Kinvara TR’s.

We’ve been through a lot together, on a rather short notice of time. Let’s walk through it

Nov 29th, 2013: My Kinvara TR’s arrive. After some issues (originally ordered the same size as my regular Kinvara’s, but the TR sizes are A LOT smaller!

Dec 1st, 2013: first run with my – at the time still brand new & shiny – Kinvara TR’s. I love them right away. They’re lightweight but the sole still offers great protection. The heel protection is really sturdy. Maybe a bit too sturdy, but that’s about the only remark I have

Over the next months, I alternated the TR’s with a pair of Salomon trail shoes and some other pairs for the roadwork. The heel loosens up a bit and I’m on cloud nine with these shoes.

March 20th, 2014: I take them to Austria where I do two runs with them in snow & mountains. They’re starting to show some wear on the toe pockets and the inside. Same issue as the regular Kinvara it seems. Grip & support are still great, but the mesh is starting to fall apart. According to my Strava, not even 300k in. A bit disappointing.

March 29th, 2014: Crêtes de Spa, 55K, 2017m+. Went like a breeze, the shoes felt great, but the mesh is falling further apart.

May 3rd, 2014: La Bouillonnante. The mesh is really tearing up now. They don’t feel too soaked after the passages through the Semois river though. Unlike with shoes I’ve had in the past, these don’t feel like sponges.

May 4th, 2014: I decide to give them a rest. Strava tells me I did 367k with them, but since I tend to forget my watch every now and then, the real number is probably closer to 450-500. Still, this is a bit disappointing for trail shoes in this price category. And the worst part is that their support is still great and the sole still offers a lot of grip. It’s just the mesh that wears out quite fast, which is something they inherited from the regular Kinvara.

Taking that into account, I have to admit I’ll be thinking twice when I order my next pair of trail shoes. Which pains me because they are truly great shoes. But then again, so are my Salomons… but that’s another story!

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  1. Expensive indeed. In the long run (caught the joke? haha)… But they're not all that cheap to buy either. You'd think more money buys you more quality…

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