Loop van Vlaanderen 2014 preview

Alright, I just decided to turn doubts into decisions and run the 2nd edition of the “Loop van Vlaanderen” tomorrow. Last year went really well (unexpectedly finished 20th) and that kind of raised the bar for this year. And since the preparations haven ’t been as good as they could/should have been, I kept holding back from entering. But the weather is too great not to run, so that ’s it: I ’m running.


Well, last year I did it in 4h12′, but then I really caved in towards the end. The original idea was to go for the 4h limit, but let ’s say I ’ll be happy if I go under last year ’s time. Yep, still ambitious, I know.


There ’s a lot of paved roads and even though it rained heavily earlier this week, it ’s been really nice and windy, so I ’m gonna bet the trails will be dry. And since my Kinvara TR ’s are beyond salvage, I ’ll be running with my regular, shiny, kinvara 4 ’s. No hydration pack but a handheld bottle. With supply posts every 5k, there ’s really no need to carry the extra weight. Shorts, compression socks and a lightweight shirt, that ’s all! Oh yeah, underwear too, no worries.


Well, go about as hard as I did last year and hope I can keep it up until the finish line this time. Last year I had the best pacer with Bert Goos, alround nice guy and great runner. This year I might have to do it on my own I guess. Well, that also means less talking, which might help in the last bit, so who knows what tomorrow will bring!

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