Music for life: The Ultra-warmathon

Shortly after setting the impressive new FKT on the Pacific Crest trail, the amazing Karel Sabbe sent me a message, asking whether I’d be in to run 100 miles for music for life. You don’t say no to Karel Sabbe. I felt humbled. I felt honoured. I didn’t really think twice. I said yes.

As a result, On December 17 (and 18), me and about 19 other ultra-runners will be running from Bruges to Boom, where music for life’s HQ will be located during that week. A whopping 168 kilometers. Needless to say my days are since filled with running. A whole lot of running. Except for those 3 weeks where I went to Nepal, but more about that later (and I guess those kind of qualify as high altitude training, right? right?).


The charity we’re trying to raise both awareness and some money for is “vzw Umubano” (Rwandese for “friendship”). Umubano is aiming to provide low-cost and adapted sport activities for both young children as well as adolescents who are physically limited. To do so, they opened a center called “Wikwiheba Mwana” in Ngarama.

So far, their infrastructure is limited, and that’s what we’d like to change.

How can I help?

I’m glad you asked! You can join us on our quest. Of course, we won’t ask you to run the entire 168.8 kilometers. You can pick in near the finish in Boom, or at the start in Bruges. Or anywhere in between really. In order to do so, we ask you to donate 1 euro for every kilometer you run. Or you can just donate and stay in your warm, cosy sofa and listen to “de warmste week” on the radio of course. That’s also ok in our book! Register here, donate here: BE26 6451 0246 0529, mention “vzw Umubano 100 miles for life”.

More info?

Head to the facebook page or website: See you on Dec 17-18th!


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