I have never met an ex-addict

Hi all!

Well, I’m sure you’ll agree that we all need goals, right? Since the events list on the right was getting a bit empty, I decided to set myself some new goals for the near and not-so-near future. And to put some pressure on the kettle, the first of them is… this week Saturday!

That’s right! In 5 more days I’ll be running one of the heaviest races there are. It’s not exceptionally long, but physically challenging none the less. I’m talking about the Fisherman’s Friends Strongman run in Antwerp.

Alright, alright, it’s far from the heaviest race there is, I agree. There’s the Marathon des Sables, the Spartathlon, the Ultra-trail du Mont Blanc,… But in all honesty, I’m far from ready to tackle any of those. The Strongman run however, I can handle. It’s a 13k race with 24 obstacles in total. Climbing, crawling, falling,… you name it.

On longer terms, I want to end this year in about the same shape I did last year. And if possible, run a marathon on New Year’s eve again. That was one of the most fun things to do and I’d be more than happy to make a tradition out of it. That being said, any of you would be interested in joining a “Good intentions” run on NYE? Not necessarily 42k, but as many laps as you fancy of course.

To sign off, and with the risk of coming across as a total Nike fanboy… another Nike commercial:

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