Non runners, you’re missing out

Whether it’s a sunrise or a sunset.
Or maybe a deer caught by surprise or a squirrel, master at staying on the dark side of a tree.
Maybe it’s the feeling of running a small trail, meandering between trees, at full speed or arriving at the end of that trail or on the top of some hill and being offered a spectacular view.
Or the laughter after sticking some catch-weed on your friends shirt during a run.
Or the moment you stop bothering about trying to keep your shoes clean and go straight through any mud, creek or puddle you run into.
Whether it’s stumbling upon a unknown trail that leads you to a place in the forest where hardly anyone comes and you see squirrels run away.
Or the moment just before sunset when everything is quiet and the world is caught in circles of light beneath lamp posts and the one from your headlight.
Or maybe, maybe it’s just the moment you put you close the door behind you and all down in the sofa, exhausted but above all satisfied.

Whatever it is, if you’re not running, you’re missing out.┬áDon’t take me wrong: I don’t feel better than you in any way. All I’m saying is: go run! now!

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