The Provence Beast – Running Mont Ventoux
Running The Provence Beast – Running Mont Ventoux

July 21st, 2013. On the day King Albert II (yep, still him back then) got to blow out 183 candles (hurray Belgium!), I decided to run the Mont Ventoux. Or “the Provence beast”. Or “the bald mountain”. Just pick the one that makes me sound the most heroic. The plans were clear and simple: I would run up taking the exact same route the bikers do in the Tour de France, from the centre of Bédouin to the very top. Once there, I ’d take the 50k trail route down, in the opposite direction. Meanwhile, my girlfriend would wait for a few hours and then follow the 50k trail route up until we met. We ’d walk/run the remaining part to Bédoin together and rejoice and what not.

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How it all began I think I was about 9 when I did my first competitive running.

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