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I never really wanted to post my runs because, well… nobody should take these as a reference or training schedule. I don’t follow a schedule and my weeks are highly irregular. So if you really want a good training schedule, find yourself a professional coach. Someone who knows what he or she is doing. But anyway, since some people asked how I prepare for the runs I do, here’s a more detailled answer than the one I usually give (“by running. a lot”).


Ekiden run in Bruges with the Run to the Hills team. I run my 10k in 37′ 39″, of which the first 5k in 18′ 10″, both new personal bests. Wich is weird because the days before hadn’t been too amazing and my second lap was hard work. Still satisfied. We end up 6th out of 64 teams, a solid result


Catching up some distance. A 22.3k run in and around the Blaarmeersen. Did the skihill a few times but mostly wanted to get some distance. And I’ll never let a chance go by to run my favorite “3 leien” area. Always a treat! Things felt good though, seems like I’m on the right track.

Soundtrack: Tron Legacy soundtrack. So epic. Add some drama & greatness to your run.


Another 25k run in and around the Blaarmeersen & Watersportbaan. Still feeling solid. Soundtrack: Willy Mason. So good!


Other things on the schedule but managed to squeeze in a treadmill run. Mixing up 5 and 10% inclines, Summing up to 12k and 710m+. Legs are getting a bit tired, but still feeling strong.


Long afternoon run, about 26.4k. Hitting the “3 leien” area again, but since I was early I was able to use the boatsman’s services to get me across the Leie and add the Afsnee hiking trail to my route. Just beautiful. Soundtrack: the sounds of nature mostly. And The Dillinger Escape plan.


A race in my hometown Ruiselede. Only 6k so totally not my cup of tea and well, didn’t really work towards this. With tired legs, I start off as 2nd but am quickly overtaken by 2 other runners. They’re just too fast so I let them go and join the next group. I have to let those go as well, settling for 7th position. In lap 2 I moved up to 6th place again. Some curses when it turned out we had to do 3 laps and not 2 as I thought. Super happy that I managed to hang in there and finished 6th out of 160 participants. The 6 (and some) k’s take me 21’05”. I run the first 5k in 17′ 05″, A big improvement over my earlier 5k best earlier this week.


After a short night I meet up with Tony for an early morning run. He’s running the Ardennes Megatrail as well and we want to do some altitude and distance. We head for the Blaarmeersen where we combine 11 ascents of the notorious skiberg with a run trough the 3 Leien & Afsnee. We call it a day after about 38k.


144k all in and ran every single day of the week. Time for a day off. Legs felt tired towards the end of the week but there’s no real pain in neither muscles or joints. If anything, this week strengthened the morale and finishing the Ardennes Megatrail suddenly seems a bit more realistic.

3 thoughts on “Run diary – week 24 2014”

  1. Stevige week! Is dat wekelijkse kost of eerder uitzonderlijk? En hoe beslis je wat je doet op een bepaalde dag?

  2. Dit was eerder uitzonderlijk. Normaal beland ik ergens tussen 60 en 90km per week, maar met de Ardennes Megatrail in het vooruitzicht wou ik toch wat extra kilometers & hoogtemeters pakken.

    En hoe ik beslis? In principe 1 keer per week in de fitness wat klimmen, en voor de rest begin ik zowat altijd met het idee van 15km te doen en vanaf dan zie ik wel wat ik doe, afhankelijk van hoeveel zin ik heb en hoe goed het gaat 🙂

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