Run diary – week 25 2014

Montreux railways - Rochers de Naye

Here we go again. After the heavy week and with two weeks to go until the Ardennes Megatrail, it’s time to start tapering. But I decided not to drop the amount of running too much. Partially because I can use the extra hours & miles, partially because I just love running too much 🙂


A day off. I left all my running gear at home to make sure that, even if I got a sudden urge to go running after work, I couldn’t. So when the two orders I placed recently, being a full skins outfit and a new pair of Saucony Kinvara TR2‘s arrived at work, it felt a lot like a sign, a sign that I SHOULD go running anyway. Still, I managed to suppress the urge. But just barely though.


Soccer game time. Watched the Belgium – Algeria game (we won! yay!). Ate too much pizza and had a heavy stomach so I considered waiting a few hours. But the moment I got in my car, I changed my mind and drove straight to the gym and did a 14k with over 1000m of positive altitude! Pizzas eaten: 1. Pizzas burned: probably closer to 2.



Want to the Blaarmeersen again, only to notice my Garmin battery was empty. I’m guesstimating I did over 22k with about 5 – 6 climbs on the ski-hill in between. Had a talk with the guys from the bootcamp team. Interesting stuff, if only I cared about muscles.


Resting time!


Left for a really short trip to Montreux, Switzerland. No running obviously.


Long hike. No running (except for some short sprints maybe), just walking! All in about 6 hours of walking. We climbed from Caux to Rochers de Naye, then walked to Col de Jaman and then back to Caux. The climb to Rochers de Naye alone is already over 1000m+, so probably did about 1500m+ all in over about 15k maybe. Just guesstimating again here. Loved every minute of it. Legs felt a bit tired at the start, but apparently just needed a little warming up.


Woke up early to put in some extra running. Did about 16k and climbed about 850m. Feeling good. Only turned back because we had a busy schedule. If not, I’d probably have run another 16k and climbed some more.


A bit less than the anticipated 80-90k this week, but with roughly 3500m+, I guess it was a good week anyway. Week 26 will be a lazy one. 2 or 3 relax long runs and then on Saturday it’s business time!

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