Run diary – week 26 2014

Race week, so super relax. And with the Red devils still in the FIFA World Cup, this week was filled with a lot of sitting and watching soccer games (and a lot less sleep than I’d hoped for). Anyway, Short report this week


Rest it out after the Montreux trip. Legs feel fresh, but totally counting on super-compensation to make them stronger.


Treadmill day. Nothing spectacular, just put the treadmill in “surprise” mode, which apparently means it’ll switch between flat and 7% incline and everything in between. Steady at about 11k/h. No idea how much I ran or how much I climbed exactly, but tried to keep myself from doing anything crazy.


More resting. I’m getting sick of this shit.


Game day! Belgium wins against South Korea. Nothing else matters! Did a super relax 8 something k run. Nothing spectacular, just making sure my legs don’ forget how this whole “running” thing every one has been talking about lately works.


Left for Hautes Rivieres. Hardly any running, except to and from the registration desk


The big day. Ardennes Mega Trail. 93k something something. That should compensate for the lazy week :-). Beautiful.


Relax day. Did some 50m sprints against my 4 year old nephew and lost them. I came up with some excuses but the truth is he’s just super fast 😉


Easy week in anticipation to the Ardennes Mega Trail. No pictures either since all that’s worth seeing/showing was posted in the Ardennes Mega Trail post. Anyway, still well over 100k. Legs are still solid, so scratching the plan to do a recovery week and diving right in again 🙂

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