Run diary – week 27 2014

A bridge across nothing

Post-race week, so recovery time. But since the legs felt pretty good and, except a blister or two, no physical damage, I decided to dive straight back in. The idea was to loosen up the legs on the first day and then gradually build it up again from there onwards.


So I went to the gym with the idea to bike a bit to loosen up those muscles. No running since that’d put some serious strain on both joints & muscles. But… I hate cycling. I mean, it’s ok to get from point A to B, or to discover a city. But in a gym… no way. So I tried running anyway, and quickly noticed it caused me no pain at all. No sore feet, knees, muscles. So I ran for 80 minutes with two intervals, one of 20 and one of 15 minutes, at 5% incline. So far for loosening up the muscles…


Day off! Watching Belgium beat the shit out of USA!


After an awesome teambuilding day in Blankenberge, I put on my kinvara TR’s for a trip along the Belgian coastline. Ran into a familiar life guard who told me Ostend was another 15k away. Decided to call it a day after 13k and turn around though. Meanwhile, eb had turned into flood and I was forced to run on the soft sand. The Kinvara’s aren’t the best choice for this work as they let in dunes of sand, haha. On top of that, a headwind and stomach cramps didn’t make things easier. Still, ran about 26k.


Gwendolyn invited me for a 5 x 1000m at 3’30” each. Not feeling too confident after the workout the day before, legs still a bit tired. But things went fine and I told Gwendolyn I’d do the last 400m of the last iteration at full speed. She suggested doing an extra 1000 at full speed instead, and I gave in. Did my extra 1000m in about 2’53”. Cool! Loosen up legs, go to bed!


No running but working out. Fay took me through her standard gym-workout session. Just 10 min of running to warm up, but a lot of lifting, pressing & pushing. Heavy stuff!


Day off. Everything sore from the day before, haha.


For the first time in months I went to Bulskampveld, the biggest forest within a 10k radius here. Somehow really didn’t get into it and walked a bit instead. All in maybe 12k. I didn’t really feel like running today and made the mistake to think “I had to”. Silly me. I know better than that. Still chased some ducks, spotted a heron or twoo and crossed the pond over a fallen tree.


Weird week. Couldn’t wait to get my shoes back on in the beginning, but then somehow felt tired of running by the end. It’s been a while since I had that feeling, so maybe it’s time to relax a bit.

Best music I ran to this week: the new Mastodon album for the lovers of heavy music, Black Keys and Nils Frahm for everybody :-). Oh, and some SBTRKT too!

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