Run diary – week 28 2014

1500m in maldegem, off we go!

Since the next big target isn’t until the end of august, I’m kind of in the middle of things at the moment. Additionally, I’m FINALLY in the last straight line to the finish of my renovation project and that takes a lot of time & energy as well. So not a lot of running this week.


After the depressing run the day before, my head was filled with questions. Should I avoid my running shoes for a while until I can’t stand it anymore? Did I, all of a sudden, get bored with running? Still felt A LOT like running, so I hit the Blaarmeersen & 3 leien area and HAD A BLAST! Was back at the car after 21.4k and noticed it was 21h39, which meant that, if I hurried, I could do another 5k lap and still be back at the car at 22h. It felt like a challenge so I took off for one more lap and got back at the car at 21h59.


Too much stuff to take care off and then witness the painful defeat of Brasil by Germany. Ouch!


I was going to join a Bootcamp24 session but arrived 20 minutes early and started running. And then I had so much fun in the pouring rain that I decided to skip the bootcamp session entirely and keep running. 2 hours in the rain, no watch to prove it but I had a great time, that’s all that counts. Probably about 22.


Day off again.


After years of nagging from Gwendolyn’s side, I finally gave in and entered a track race. After the 2’53 on the 1000m last week, I looked up some times of other track meetings to make sure it wouldn’t become embarrassing. 2’53” on 1000m alone meant I could do a 1500m in about 4’30” I thought. I did it in 4’17″90. Super happy and not bad for an ultra runner 🙂


Painting, painting, painting!


More painting. Kristof was running the “6 uur van Aalter“, a really nice 6 hour race, so I took a break and kept him company during the last 50 minutes of the race. He did 66.682k, which is great of course. Good vibes all over the place, a recommendation for everyone who wants to do a 6 hour race!


Not a lot of running this week, but still did about 60k all in probably. Pinnacle of the week was obviously the 1500m race, closely followed by the rainy run on wednesday, but other than that, it was an easy week. Next week promises to be even worse, but after that, it’s business time!

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