Yep, I’m catching up. And I’ll be quick:

Week 29: No running. None. Nada. No running whatsoever! There! I said it. A short renovation sprint and tons of other stuff to take care of. And once that was taken care of, the Gentse Feesten started and I had company over. And before you know, a week has gone by.
So straight to week 30 then!


I felt like catching up. Waking up at my new semi-renovated house, I decided to start by following a road Klaas showed me, and then improvise, explore. The exploring bit wasn’t a big success, although the nearby Liedemeerspark was nice and bigger than I expected. Still not quite big enough to run for more than 10k, so I wandered on. Ended up running a lot of bike lanes and asphalt. Must prepare my next exploration run better obviously. All in about 15k.


Things to be done, parties to be attended, goodbyes to be said.. No running today!


Back at the old place, ran to the track in Aalter, but apparently communcation with Gwendolyn went all wrong, so she wasn’t there. Ran a few laps and headed back home. 22.8k and feeling better again.


Went running at the Blaarmeersen, but for the love of me, I can’t remember how much and what I’ve done. Probably about 20k, which is what I usually do, haha. Jesus. No strava track to prove it since my Garmin Forerunner 305 broke down on me, as you could read in some previous post. See, that’s what happens: one week without it and my autistic self is close to losing it!


More parties to be attended. Still squeezed in a session at the gym. About 45 minutes of treadmill running and then some core strength exercises.


No running. Don’t even remember what I did do that day. Not much probably. Oh wait! I went climbing with my 6yo niece, which was tons of fun, as usual.


Went running to the Bulskampveld woods. Last time wasn’t too great, so I had no idea what to expect. I arrived rather late and had the woods pretty much to myself. And I loved it from the very first step. I called it a day after 24.5k and decided to turn week 31 into a heavy one. Awesome day. I even discovered some tracks I’d never been before. Weird. It’s not like I was hating the running before that day, but suddenly I found the joy and intensity back.


Decent week. I’d totally forgotten about Thursday, but I guess I did about 90k in week 30. But the most important thing was the sheer joy I experienced during the Sunday run. Good times ahead!

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