Run diary – week 31 2014

Alright, Business time! After the 24k in the woods of the Sunday before, I decided to turn week 31 into an intense one. And since I knew that Saturday & Sunday were going to be packed, all the work had to be done in the 5 remaining days.


Relax evening run in the 3 leien area. Since I was too late to catch the last ferry across, I took the short, 10k, route and then did a few more laps around the watersportbaan. Add a few climbs of the skihill and before you know, you ran 21.1k. All went well, no sore legs from the day before.


Again, Blaarmeersen – 3 leien. I met up with Wendy (former 400m champion!) and we had a good time running together. She called it a day after 12k (nice demonstration of willpower, I told her it was going to be 10k, but she finished it like a boss), I went for another 11.6k. 23.6k all in. Legs are a-ok!


Track day, but since I wanted to do A LOT of distance, I ran to the track and back home. The track session consisted of 3 series of 6 fast 200m, each with 100m in between. In between the sessions, 5 minutes of relaxed running. All in good for about 7k. Adding everything up, you get 26.9k.


Just Blaarmeersen and Watersportbaan. But 27.2k of it! Still feeling good!


I started at my paren’t place and then headed out towards Doomkerke (DOOOOOM!!!) and to the radio towers. First 4 to 5k is mostly small roads, but after that it’s pretty much all single track. Having good fun, I decided to go deeper into the woods. Best idea ever. Discovered a lot of new trails, every single one more beautiful than the one before. Silly that I discover this just now, weeks before I’m about to move out of here… Called it a day after 27.6k


Painting, painting, painting! Who could have known there’d be so much painting to be done in a small house like mine…


Even without running on Saturday & Sunday, I managed to do over 126k. If we add last week’s Sunday, it adds up to over 150k in 6 days. Upcoming week will be different, but more or less equally heavy. Starting tomorrow with a short but intense treadmill workout. Painless & worry-less times! Confidence is booming!

Playlist? A lot of the new Mastodon album. And some James Vincent McMorrow too!

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