Run diary – Week 32 & 33

Alright, slow weeks. Not much to tell so let’s get it over with. The plan was simple: Week 32 would be a second consequent heavy week, although not as evenly divided as week 31. Week 33, on the contrary, would be a week of recovery. Tapering begins.


I can’t remember why exactly, but according to my strava log, I didn’t run. I know, right? 3 consecutive days of no running?


Time to get back into it! Evening run in the Blaarmeersen. Too late to catch last boat across so I did the short 3 leien tour. Still, a solid 29+k.


Started a tiny bit earlier and took a shortcut to the boatsman. Managed to get a ride across and add the Afsnee route to the 3 leien bit. Good run, loved every minute of it.


It’d been way too long since I’d seen Greg, so I headed over to check out how things were with him and his 2 ladies. We went for a solid 10k run and had a lovely diner.


Resting. With 70k done and big plans for Sunday, some rest was in order here.


Well, you already know what I did on Sunday I guess. The Ghent – Ieper plan went better than expected, even though the distance turned out to be a bit more than expected… 79k and a bit in 6h47… Good pace. All went fine, although I did have some pain in my left upper leg. Still, really happy with how things turned out


And that’s how I ended up doing another 150k. All seems ready for CCC. Shape is more than satisfying! On to week 34!



No running at all. Now here’s an anti-climax. The pain in my upper left leg was diminishing, but still present. I decided to take no risks. No running until the pain is gone! Let’s be smart for once.


An organised hike in my parent’s hometown. I did the 30k tour. Running to the starting point and back home turned it into a 35k run. Upper leg was holding together nicely, but after my run my left knee started hurting. Not the best week then, this one.


Really slow week with a not-so-good outcome. The important thing is that my shape is a-ok. I just need to let my body rest a bit I guess. Still really looking forward to CCC!

Music this week: Mastodon. A lot of Mastodon. And Some FKA Twigs!


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