Run the mountains!


Just got back from the annual Twoo team event! Not as much running this year since I went snowboarding for the first time in my life, which was actually really nice. But I didn’t let the chance to run the Austrian mountains pass by of course, even with the busy schedule of meetings, partying and snowboarding! I did one morning and one evening/night run, and even though I clocked in at a mere 22k combined (damn I wish I’d had more time, but it was always in between something and something else), it was totally worth it.

I didn’t make it too late on our first night and got up a bit early to catch a quick morning run. I stepped out of the hotel, looked around for the nearest mountain, turned on my Garmin and started running. Finding a decent runnable path was a bit hard in the beginning, but after a while I found a hiking trail that wasn’t too snowed under, although I was still in knee-deep at times. Nothing beats the feeling of cold air burning through your throat. Nothing. I was alive. Once I gained some altitude, I got an amazing view over the valley our hotel was in. Fog was floating past the mountains, and except for some birds and a squirrel, nobody seemed to be awake.

Alas, I had snowboard lessons to catch, so I turned around and started the decent. It’s easy to retrace your steps when the only footsteps in the thin layer of fresh snow are yours and those of a deer. I got back, got breakfast and got dressed for boarding.

As the parties were quite heavy and the snowboard lessons early, I decided to squeeze in a second run between snowboarding and dinner on Saturday. The route was pretty much identical, although I ran around a frozen lake I’d seen from the mountaintop while snowboarding. It was beautiful. Darkness was falling quickly now and I turned on my headlight and headed up the same mountain slope again. The headlight is actually quite worthless in total darkness, but in the open spaces the moon and its reflection on the snow provided all the light I needed. This time I went down a small mountain road on my way back, avoiding a bad tumble on the rocky & slippery hiking trail.

I’ll sign off with some pictures, none of them doing the actual run any justice at all. I kind of regret not taking the time to get to the top. Having to choose between boarding and running sucks. Choosing = losing.

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