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Hi all.

This is one of those in-between-messages: there isn’t much worth talking about at the moment. I’m running a bit more again, did about 62k two weekends ago, then got sick for about a week,…But since I don’t intend to write about every single run I do, not much worth telling really. However, fun things lie ahead: I’ll be running some mountains (real ones) this month, and we’re entering an Ekiden relay with twoo (intentional spelling error) teams from work.

But first things first: I’m sick. Yep, I still am. I had a bad case of the flu last week, just before leaving for a 6-day holiday to Barcelona. Major bummer of course, because I was really looking forward to running Montjuic, the beach and some other parcs. 20°C, a welcome change to the 5°C and snow in Belgium. No such luck however. I DID make it to Barcelona, but a 39.8°C fever made me decide against taking my running gear along.

twoo running team

Back in Belgium now. Snow, cold… some things don’t change if you leave them alone for 6 days I guess. But things are getting better again and as far as my own shape is concerned, it’s starting to look better for the Ekiden upcoming Saturday. Meanwhile, people here
are getting excited about the whole thing. Which team will be the fastest? Who will have a better time on his part of the relay? Will thebe here in time? I pride myself in the fact that I got 12 people to participate. At least my whole running-obsession works somewhat inspirational, no?
In other news, the week after that, we’re headed to Austria for our annual team event. For the first time, I’ll actually do some snow boarding instead of running, although I’m pretty sure I’ll manage to squeeze in one or two runs somewhere in the early morning :-). I already know what the first thing I put in my suitcase will be 🙂
Anyway, if you don’t have any better things to do, feel free to come cheer for our team tomorrow. All information can be found here:

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