Running for no reason at all

I know it’s been a reaaaally long time since I last wrote something here, but hey, I’m back! I’ve never been too great at keeping a personal blog alive, and turns out that this isn’t going to bring any change to that. Truth is I’ve been really busy, went on holiday, some things changed at work and in life in general, but one thing hasn’t changed a bit, and it’s exactly the one thing that justifies this post today: I’m still running. Running for no reason at all.

The issue was though, that I was kind of stuck on about 20k, so I needed some motivation to step it up a little. My behavior towards running has somehow changed a bit over the last few months. I’m no longer going for a run so I can run a marathon or whatever the goal may be. The running has become the goal in itself. I’m running because I love it, because I want to. Although running has become more fun since I’ve adapted this state of mind, it’s also been harder to push myself to run longer distances. And that’s where my 2k rule comes in… Quite simply, the 2k rule means that my longest run of a certain week has to be at least 2k longer than the week before.

I started living by this rule 3 weeks ago now, right after a 24km run. Of course, it already went terribly wrong the first week after that. I’d agreed to meet up with Kristof who is in full preparation for Marathon Des Sables. Needles to say he’s running a lot more than I am lately and I didn’t want to bulge like a little girl. I ended up running 30k instead of the required 26 which was would have been really good if it hadn’t been for the rule. Although It meant I’d easily achieved my 26k goal for that week, it also meant that I would have to run 32k the week after that…

On top of that little issue, the next week turned out to be super busy and I was only able to do a 16k run on Friday. So when Sunday arrived, I HAD to run 32k that day. Not willing to break with my rule after just 1 week, I got home around 10.30, took my gear and headed for the woods (sorry mom, but lunch can be microwaved later, 32k can’t!). I ran and kept running, exploring new parts in and around the woods. I had so much fun and easily achieved my week’s goal.

So what’s next? Well, obviously, I have to run 34k this week and 36 the week after that. I didn’t really have a final goal when I started, but when Kristof started talking about Olne-Spa-Olne, a 65km trail run, I suddenly had. I guess I’ll do 65k instead of the planned 44 that day, haha. After that, I’ll probably start working on speed a bit, do some interval training and mainly just try to get through the winter in a decent shape. And then… well, might as well make it “official”: the only concrete goal for 2012: a sub-3h-marathon!

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