Stadsloop de Gentenaar

It was a bit on last notice, but suddenly all pieces of the puzzles fell in place. Peter from the Tri Unic triathlon team offered me a bib for the Stadsloop de Gentenaar in their team and I was about to let him down.

As always in “short” races, I have no clue what pace to run. The idea is to finish somewhere around 35 minutes. That means about 3’30” for each kilometer, just a bit over 17k/h. First kilometer… under 3:10… way too fast.

And then come the corners. Left, right, right again, left… Running through the center of Ghent is an endless series of turns. Although it surely won’t benefit my time, it definitely favours me when it comes to my ranking.

I run the next kilometers around 3:20 and am slowly moving forward in ranking. The pack falls apart and now I can really benefit my fast cornering. 5k in 16’30”. That’s a lot faster than I was hoping for. Also, I feel like I’m about to die any time now. I slow down.

A few runners overtake me between 7 and 8k. I can’t keep up. I guess I gave too much in the first part. We close in on the finish line and another runner overtakes me just before a corner and totally cuts me off. Slightly pissed off, I try to stick behind him but he’s going to fast. I fall behind.

One last, long climb towards the finish line. I give it all I have left and close in on that last guy again. Oh boy, no way you’re going to be in front of me at the finish buddy! I catch up and immediately leave him behind. HA! Bad karma, learn some runner etiquette buddy! Across the line!

And the time? 33’05”. I’m not sure what my previous best was exactly, but I’m pretty sure I just beat it by about 2 minutes. Over 18k/h average and 14th overall. I’m happy. And ready for the 20k of brussels next week. The goal there is to beat my 1h13’34” of last year. With my new PB on the 10k, let’s see how far we get!

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