Start 2 trail

As I mentioned before, a little idea rose during our hikes through Gran Canaria. On the ascents, Kim had little trouble keeping up with me, except maybe where the trail was favouring my long legs. But when things went downhill, I mean literally downhill, the difference was remarkable.

An old idea popped up again: we wanted to train other people! Kim has a degree in physical education and solid knowledge of training schedules & methodology, sport diets & injury control. Me… I just have some experience in trail running, that’s all. And I happen to run down hills reasonably fast.

The last time we played with the idea, I had my doubts whether I could actually teach anyone anything at all. But if I could teach Kim some techniques and if she actually felt like she was making progress, we might actually have something.

“Start 2 Trail” was born, and on January 3rd, we welcomed our first “students”. For the next 10 weeks, we’d prepare them as well as we possibly can for Crêtes de Spa, a 21k trail run with about 600m of positive altitude to bridge!

In the weeks running up to March 12th, we gave them training advice:  We’ll provided them with exercises to improve their agility & flexibility. Techniques for climbing & descending. Training schedules. Nutrition advice. Top this up with a few heavy interval workouts, combining high intensity with the newly acquired techniques and they were ready for the job!

March 12th was D-day! Sadly, I missed their start since I was already on the way for my own Crêtes de Spa, but I was luckily I was back in time to see them finish! Kim & I had asked them about their expectations before the race. All of them, without exception, beat those expectations. It was heavy, sure (the thick layer of snow didn’t help)! But they enjoyed it and beat the times they’d set out for themselves.

They were happy so we were happy! A great day, with pictures to prove it!

Interested? There are currently no specific plans for a second series of Start 2 Trail, but keep an eye open at and get in touch if you’re interest. Or follow & reach us through our facebook page! See you on the trails!



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