strongman run antwerp 2011 overview

I survived the Antwerp Strongman Run 2011, and I’ve got a medal to prove it! There! Now there’s no denying that I’m tougher than you are! I know you’ll try to twist the truth and make it seem as if this doesn’t prove anything, but the hard and bitter truth is that it does prove EVERYTHING, and you know it.

On a more serious note, Greg and I ran the Antwerp Strongman Run, we had a lot of fun doing so and I ended up with 4 stitchings in my right knee and a very muscular right upper arm. But let’s start from the beginning, shall we?

It was just before noon when I jumped in my car and headed for Antwerp. Greg and I had agreed to meet there at 13.30, but I was done eating and had everything ready and, basically, was just too excited, so I left early. On the way there, heavy showers which would have made all courage sink to my shoes for any other race, only made me more enthusiastic. The weather seemed perfect for the event.

When I arrived, there was a long queue outside the building where I was supposed to get my time chip and number. I started queueing and by the time I was inside (and soaking wet), Greg arrived and joined me, gracefully skipping the hour long queue. Good timing!

We got our stuff and headed for the start which later turned out to be delayed for half an hour, so it was about 15.30 when the enthusiastic bunch (1300 folks!) started moving. We were rather up front and were able to maintain our position easily. Most folks were just there to have fun, and the others mistook the strongman run for a fitness center. Those folks could be recognized by their overtrained upper bodies and undertrained running skills. Oh mockery! Since we’d decide to stick together, we took it easy. Our only goal was to end within the first 500 (which was never at risk), so we enjoyed the run.

In about 10k (at least I think that’s a more accurate estimate than the promised 13k) we encountered about 13 different obstacles which we had to do twice (2 laps): A pile of tires, some walls of straw, a container with rope ladders, some low and less low boulders and containers we had to jump or climb, some steep muddy paths, both uphill (slippery) and downhill (rappel style!) and… a frikkin inflatable slide (and some other stuff I forgot about).

All in, we had tons of fun, although the organisation could have been a lot better, and the obstacles and track could have been a lot heavier and more varied. Also, doing the same lap twice proved to be quite a problem when we started overtaking who were still in their first lap.

Oh, and those stitches? That’s where it gets really silly. I graciously took all obstacles, but slipped away somewhere in between two of them and cut my knee pretty bad. I finished (like a boss!), drove home and only then noticed how deep it was. If you’re one of those sick folks who’s into that kind of stuff, here’s a picture. For all other folks there are some fun pictures below!

strongman run antwerp 2011 overview

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