After being unlucky in this year’s UTMB, I decided to give it another go next year. To do so, I was in dire need of UTMB points. Last year’s Ardennes Mega Trail gave me 5, Trail des Fantômes two weeks ago provided me with another 4 points. That makes 6 left. And so I decided to give the Dynafit Echappée Belle Ultra Trail a go!

Wings For Life World Run

People who know me, even just a bit, will probably know that not being able to run would be hell for me. I already went to (admittingly, just the top layer of) hell and back when I was injured at the end of last year. I hated it. After a while, I found my peace with temporarily being unable to run by focussing on coming back better & stronger than before. But what if there was no such thing to focus on? What if there was no hope on coming back at all?

T minus 8 days. CCC is closing in fast now, and things have taken a turn for the worse. After the Ghent-Ieper run, I had some minor pain in my left quadriceps. I gave them some well deserved rest. And then some more, just to make sure. But when I ran again, a week later, another issue arose. This time, my left knee started hurting. A familiar pain this time, all the more worrying…

CCC - Mont blanc

Some of you already know. But then some of you don’t so, once more: I’m running CCC (short for Courmayeur, Italy – Champex, Switzerland – Chamonix, France) this summer! And even though it might just be “the baby brother” of the UTMB, with its 101k and about 6100m of positive altitude, it’s not exactly a walk through the park. It’s fair to say I’m pretty nervous about the whole thing.