CorreromorirNOWBOOKSTruth is: this one, I haven’t read. And there’s a good reason for that. The book I’m talking about is “Córrer o morir” by Kilian Jornet and it’s available on Amazon FR here but, as you might have guessed by the title, it’s in Spanish (or Catalan I suppose to be precise). But if anyone is in for a challenge, feel free to translate it so I can read it! If you’re wondering why i’d want this book so much, see below!

Also, if anyone has other running-related reading advise, please share!

Any other books on running you can recommend? comment away!

Born to run

After having run for my life at the Pukkelpop festival (some drama intended, I got away relatively ok, although it was a rather scary experience), I remembered reading about people who really ran for their lives. People whose job was running or who had to run to provide in food.

So since I’m not running due to the knee injury (well, take that with a grain of salt, I’ve been running for the last two days, don’t tell the doctor!), I thought I might as well give you all some reading advise in case you end up stuck in your bed / chair one day, unable to run. A disclaimer is in place though: some of these books on running, especially the last one, will make you want to run.

Oh, I’ve added amazon links everywhere. For all Belgian folks: Shipping is free if you order over 15€ on FR, 20€ on DE or 25£ on the UK site.