Travailen – The Drakensberg Grand Traverse

A few months ago, Ryan Sandes and Ryno Griesel made an attempt to beat the course record of the Drakensberg Grand Traverse. Don’t take “course record” to litterally though: The DGT is an unmarked trail which crosses the Drakenberg mountain range in South Afrika. Unmarked, which means there is no real course. All we know is that it’s more or less 220k and really heavy.

UPDATE: for the next two weeks only, full movie viewable below. scroll to the bottom!

Sandes, upcoming name in the South African trail scene. Griesel, at the time record holder. That record’s days were numbered before they even took off (well, if conditions allowed it at least).

Anyway, now, the African Attachment released a first glimps of the documentary on this record attempt. And well, if you know that the African Attachment is the studio behind the Salomon Running TV series, you know you’re in for a visual treat. So without further ado, the trailer:


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