True North – the Trømso skyrace

It was a solid plan: I’d head for Chamonix about a week before the CCC race to hike around and do some relaxed running and stay another week afterwards to recover and do some more hiking. And then Kilian Jornet & Emilie Forsberg just had to organise a skyrace in Trømso, Norway, the week after CCC. There were doubts. Isn’t it too soon after CCC? Will I recover fast enough? Do I really want to throw away all plans made, book a flight to Trømso. As a strong non-believer of things like destiny, I decided to… leave it up to destiny: I’d go for a 2 hour run just before the registration started, come back home, have a shower and then open my laptop. If, by that time, the race wasn’t sold out yet, I’d enter.

Tromso. Picture by marius kluzniak

And so I did. And I got in. Flights were booked, travel schedules were thrown away and new ones created. So on September 6th, I’ll be running the Trømso skyrace. And now I can’t wait until the day comes.

I’ve always had a love for Scandinavian countries. I’ve visited Norway twice and loved it from the very first minute. Fjörds, waterfalls, mountains… Norway has them all, and Trømso is no exception. But this time I’m going further North than I’ve ever been before. A lot further in fact, well North of the arctic circle! Although I’m going to be late to catch the midnight sun, with some luck I might catch some Northern lights (probably a lot of luck, but let’s stay positive). So colour me excited for the setting of the race alone.

Additionally, the race is organised by Kilian Jornet & Emilie Forsberg. I guess to most, they don’t need an introduction. Kilian has become the “flagship” of European trail running and Emilie is quickly putting herself in a similar position. On top of that, she’s been living in Trømso for quite a while now, so I’m confident the trail will be breathtaking.

And as if all this isn’t good enough, Emilie promised all runners cinnamon buns after the race on the event’s facebook page. Yes please!


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