Ultra Trail Mont Blanc 2015

Alright! It’s time to go! In a few hours, I’m leaving for the French Alps to fulfill what has been a goal for over 2 years. The idea is to hike the Pointe PercĂ©e area for a few days and then pick up Kim and head for Chamonix and try to find some distraction to prevent getting overly nervous!

And then, on Friday, August 28th, 18:00h: UTMB baby! Around 170k with about 10.000m of climbing, visiting 3 countries along the road. All this to be dealt with within 46.5 hours (but let’s hope I’ll need a bit less than that). Colour me excited!

So I’ll see you all in just over a week. With stories to tell. Let’s just hope they’ll be of the happy ending kind!

Oh, one more thing: In case you’re interested in following me during the Ultra Trail Mont Blanc, There’s live tracking showing my arrival time at the checkpoints along the road which you can find here: http://utmb.livetrail.net/coureur.php?rech=1311.


Check out the route


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