Wings for Life World Run Preview

Wings For Life World Run

People who know me, even just a bit, will probably know that not being able to run would be hell for me. I already went to (admittingly, just the top layer of) hell and back when I was injured at the end of last year. I hated it. After a while, I found my peace with temporarily being unable to run by focussing on coming back better & stronger than before. But what if there was no such thing to focus on? What if there was no hope on coming back at all?

So when I found out about the Wings for Life World Run, I felt like I HAD to join this event. Unable to do so last year due to conflicting goals, I marked this year’s edition in my calendar as soon as the date was announced. The fact that 100% of the entry fee goes to spinal cord injury research is just admirable. The rather exotic race format (there is no finish line. Instead, a car starts half an hour after the runners do and catches up with them. So basically, you just try to run as far as possible before the car catches up with you) and the fact that it’s a worldwide event and people are running according to the same principle in 35 other locations across the globe only add to my enthusiasm for this race. And I needed to get some serious mileage anyway.

My original goal was to run a marathon in about 3 hours and then see what was left, but given the times I’ve been running recently and the relative ease I’ve been running them with, I guess I’ll aim a bit higher. How far I’ll get exactly is a big mystery, even to me. If you’re interested, you can follow me on Sunday from 13 o’clock CEST (that’s  11 am UTC/GMT if you’re not used to our funny summer time thing) through the live stream on the Wings for Life World Run website. My race bib is 72830!

Wings for life world run


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