Yeah, we’re different!

I’ve been running. And that’s about all that happened since my last post here.

The Zeeland marathon is getting close and I’m somewhat worried since I haven’t been running in sand AT ALL, and I haven’t been doing that much distance lately either. However, overall shape is great, definitely better than when I did the Aalter 6 hours run, and well, that went just fine. I guess it’s more a feeling of eagerness, curiosity, can’t really put my finger on it. I received my number and a really nice booklet about a week ago. I have to say that the Dutch sure know how to organize a marathon and make their participants excited for it. It seems a lot like this is not only the heaviest marathon of Holland, but also the most beautiful one. Less than 2 weeks! Oh boy!

It’s funny how, with my first marathon, I followed this schedule and would have lowered the intensity of my training schedule the last 2 weeks, allowing my muscles some rest and recovery. Now, I don’t care that much. It might be an official marathon, the way I’ve been running this past year somehow turned it into “just another day in the running shoes”.

And I like that. People tend not to understand. That’s ok. I don’t understand their TV-nights either.

To sign off, here are some commercials for the runners amongst us: A pretty cool video from Asics & Adidas and then a bunch of older Advertisements from Adidas from about 12 years ago (hence the quality I guess). While Nike does a great job at motivating people to start running, they seem to have focussed on things that all runners will recognize. And while not all apply to me, I have to admit: we’re different! Good stuff!

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